Explore Nature

Exploring nature with children is one of the best activities parents can do with their children. Research shows that children benefit greatly from connecting to nature including, A deepened sense of wonder, inspiring life long learning, strengthened observation and critical thinking skills. Enriched learning through multi sensory experiences, strengthened powers of imagination and creativity. Hands on enjoyment, inspiring tomorrows generation of environmental stewards.

Children are able to develop skills and understanding in many areas of development at the same time as they engage in personally meaningful explorations of the world around them. The richest kind of learning happens in a holistic way. Truly meaningful learning happens when children are highly motivated to gain information and then communicate their learning back to others. Learning is powerfully supported by having shared experiences with others. Outdoor spaces filed with “natures treasures” provide an ideal venue to show children that the world is a good place.

As children have the time and space to connect with nature they grow up knowing the world is a place of wonder , a place worth learning about and a place worth caring for and protecting.

Our new nature explorer playground will incorporate activities through the natural environment that are about free discovery on a child’s own terms. Personal perception, attitudes and a connection with nature are our key goals with our new play space. Some of our adventure activities will be animal signs, colors of the world, shapes in nature and what can you see in clouds.

Our approach to learning through environmental educational activities will be about free discovery giving children the opportunity to discover on their own terms.

We are excited to watch the process of the new natural playground and hope that you will talk to your children about what sort of things they are seeing and learning outside!

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